Live, objective assessment of joint fitness

BPMphysio is the first orthopaedic analysis tool to deliver live, accurate, cost-effective assessment of the range and quality of joint movement. In the era of patient-reported outcome measures, BPMphysio adds a new dimension to post trauma assessment and the monitoring of patients in the weeks after surgery.

With a proven accuracy of greater than 1⁰, BPMphysio is considerably cheaper and easier to use than camera systems (OMCS) and is being used by leading orthopaedic surgeons and the world’s top sports medicine facilities to screen elite athletes and footballers.

How it works

A single sensor streams movement data to software displaying the results live as an animated avatar, recording them for immediate on-screen comparison to assess progress and recovery trends. This information on the range and quality of joint movement, plus further data such as impingement zones and muscle strength, delivers the most comprehensive instant assessment of joint fitness currently available.

Quality of Motion

Quality of Motion (QoM) gives live feedback on the fitness of a joint and neuromuscular coordination, as well as in determining precisely where in the joint motion a tightness or pain point may be occurring. Angular displacement against time is traced automatically as the test is being performed. The narrower the pulse, the fitter the joint, with the peak representing the maximum range of motion.

Team Fitness Monitor

More and more coaches are using BPMphysio to monitor groups of athletes as they undertake regular Range of Motion (ROM) and strength testing using the technology. BPMphysio Team Fitness Monitor (TFM) has the functionality of BPMphysio, but also incorporates extended features to allow a coach to manage and monitor groups of athletes as they undertake their regular ROM and strength testing.