Physio Tests

BPMphysio records 20 key ranges of movement

BPMphysio provides a clinician with live feedback as to a patient’s status with respect to key parts of the human body using 20 key joint motion tests based on AAOS joint measurement methods. Every key body component to be tested has its own specific screen and the moving element, such as the arm or leg, is displayed. For tests marked *** both of the upper or lower limbs can be compared simultaneously for differential analysis if two sensors are connected. Alternative test methods are available for tests marked **.

The ‘Standard’ range figures are based on an average 40-year-old man. If the standard maximum range for the movement is exceeded, a warning ‘Out’ will appear and the test must be restarted. This is to protect the patient from hyperextension and from the test being performed incorrectly. An alternative ‘Advanced’ range can be selected from the Settings screen for use with elite athletes.

The table below shows the 20 key joint ranges measured by BPMphysio based on standard physiotherapy joint test sequences: