BPMpro Technology

High resolution results in a compact wireless package

The measurement of the body is important for several reasons. In physiotherapy, for a patient with an acute injury or illness, the degree of joint mobility and power are important clues to correct diagnosis and rehabilitation.

In chronic conditions, measuring flexibility provides an index to the severity and progression of a disorder. In sport too, endurance and conditioning coaches and elite athletes need a highly-accurate means of providing specific measurement of performance where power, flexibility and endurance are vital.

BPMpro products are made up of two core components:

  • High performance BPMpro sensors located at the site of interest, and
  • Interpretation, analysis and visualisation software

Together they allow the measurement of the direction, rotation, speed, acceleration, force, power and endurance of the body to be observed, recorded and analysed.

Each application of the technology is tailored to suit the specific requirements of the task/function through the way in which the data is analysed and the results displayed.

Unlike existing systems, however, BPMpro transmits this data wirelessly to PCs, laptops and Windows-based tablets.

BPMpro sensor array

BPMpro Sensor

BPMpro Sensor

  • Specially designed to ensure alignment along skeletal mass
  • Wireless accelerometer (IMU)
  • Individually-calibrated
  • Lightweight – 21g
  • Small – 48 x 38 x 24mm
  • Auto-connects wirelessly to PCs & Windows-based tablets
  • Easy-clean material, hygienic with Biomaster® anti-microbial technology
  • Battery life of 7 hours of continuous use

BPMpro products ship with BPMpro wireless sensors for comparative and differential analysis. These high performance, individually-calibrated sensor arrays contain the technology to consolidate and format the data from all individual sensors. BPMpro sensors are specially designed to ensure alignment with the skeletal mass (limb to be measured) and are attached using the straps supplied, cuffs or Padplates™ and adhesive disks.

The sensors are easy to clean and contain Biomaster®, an anti-microbial additive tested successfully against over 50 common organisms including MRSA, E.coli and salmonella.