Hardware and Software Specifications

Hardware specification

BPMpro technology has the following core sensor specifications:

  • 3D acceleration (resolution 0.001g), both linear and rotational (x,y,z); 0 to 10g
  • 360 degree directional changes relative to the Earth’s magnetic field (resolution 1 degree)
  • Sensors are read at 100 times per second (105Hz). Latency for the raw data is 8-40 ms, i.e. about 1/40th of a second
  • The wireless range of the sensor is dependent on the connecting device, which is typically 10-25m. This range can, however, be easily enhanced through external dongles to over 50m or more.
  • The sensor battery life is enough to provide approximately 8 hours of continuous connection and data analysis, or 10 days on standby (step counter mode), before requiring a recharge
  • The BPMpro sensors contain Biomaster®, an antimicrobial additive tested successfully against over 50 common organisms including MRSA, E. coli and salmonella

The sensors are tested to the following specifications:

BPMpro QA testing

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Software specification

BPMpro software is built to run on any PC or Windows-based device, including laptops and netbooks. BPMpro has the following measurement capabilities and ranges to meet current industry requirements:

BPMpro General software specification