BPMpro Data Logger

Kinematic data capture

The BPMpro Data Logger is aimed at sports scientists, performance coaches and elite athletes, as a low cost, accurate method of mapping and measuring human body movement. It is an extremely cost-effective way of bringing a lab environment into the gym or training zone.

The BPMpro Data Logger uses specifically designed visualisation software to measure kinematic performance where power, flexibility and stamina are vital. Linear and rotational acceleration are measured and plotted, as well as power and jump height to a high degree of accuracy, providing specific measurement of key factors essential to sports conditioning and training. The BPMpro Data Logger has three displays which can be controlled separately to enable simultaneous comparison of, for example, opposite limbs or different athletes under test.

The Data Logger comes with the  BPMpro Body Data Analyser which has been created to help with interpreting the extensive data output from the Data Logger by organising and displaying the data quickly and easily. The Analyser allows the user to quickly and easily select different data files, different parameters from those files and to compare the results against files from different sources or from different points in time.