Data Logger User Interface

A low cost, accurate method of kinematic data capture

The BPMpro Data Logger can run on any PC-based computer and can support 3 wireless BPMpro sensor arrays, has a bespoke display showing data in real time from the sensors and extensive data output files (Excel) for detailed analysis and comparison.

BPMpro Data Logger

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  • The graph shows peak total acceleration and peak rotation against time.
  • The two vertical bars display the current maximum figures on the graph. Press the S key to toggle the scale.
  • The highlighted section displays an Euler image of the BPMpro sensor. The grey lines on and around the sphere represent 15⁰ graduations.
  • The associated Euler angles are displayed in either continuous or maximum mode using the A (mode) key. The angles are reset using the Z (zero) key on the keyboard.
  • TIME is a time counter that runs when the play button (Space) is selected.
  • REPS is the number of events that have exceeded the target settings (work or activity cycles such as number of jumps or leg lifts) carried out within the session. Pressing the 1 or 2 key inserts a # into the rep field for alignment with video recordings.
  • The Target trigger point is set by sliding it along the bargraph and, when exceeded, the bar turns red, a sound is made and the peak figure is displayed in the box under the bargraph on the left.
  • JUMP or peak height change: this is a measurement of the height change from a stationary position of a BPMpro sensor to its maximum displacement. COMPRESSION is the force applied to the sensor or to an external airbag.
  • POWER is the instantaneous power driven by the weight setting and total acceleration figures.
  • The SUBJECT WEIGHT and HEIGHT figures belong to the object under test such as a weight stack, rep, distance or a person.
  • SESSION is the name of the session or sensor location and, along with date and time, creates a unique data file when record (R) is selected. RESTART resets the timer and rep counter to zero.
  • The R, Space and Esc keyboard keys trigger both displays at the same time. If the buttons are selected by a mouse, the individual display can be controlled.

For full details on the BPMpro Data Logger, please download the Specification and User Guide below:

BPMpro Data Logger Specification

BPMpro Data Logger User Guide