Quality of Motion

QoM detailQuality of Motion (QoM) gives live feedback on the fitness of a joint and neuromuscular coordination, as well as in determining precisely where in the joint motion a tightness or pain point may be occurring.

Angular displacement against time is traced automatically as the test is being performed. The narrower the pulse, the fitter the joint, with the peak representing the maximum range of motion. A plateau would typically indicate a point of discomfort and/or weakness.

Previous and selected sessions are also displayed on the QoM trace for direct comparison of joint fitness. This is important where the range is apparently unchanged, but in reality joint fitness is actually improving.

By clicking the QoM button, the results table is replaced with the QoM trace. QoM and the range plot can be selected at the same time to give a clear visual indication as to the change in the range of movement over time as well as the associated change in joint fitness. When used in connection with the power feature, a comprehensive assessment of the joint can be rapidly undertaken.