Team Fitness Monitor

Quick and easy regular fitness screening

More and more coaches are using BPMphysio to monitor groups of athletes as they undertake regular Range of Motion (ROM) and strength testing using the technology. BPMphysio Team Fitness Monitor (TFM) has the functionality of BPMphysio, but also incorporates extended features to allow a coach to manage and monitor groups of athletes as they undertake their regular ROM and strength testing. Using TFM, a coach can define a detailed test routine for an athlete, at the level of specific limbs and test method and get real-time performance TFMfeedback regardless of location.

– Quick and easy on-going fitness screening of groups of athletes

– Simplified user interface – athlete only sees tests selected for them

– Targets assigned to each limb under test with specified test methods

– Audible prompts help correct performance of tests without the need to see or touch the screen, particularly important for visually impaired users

– Audible alerts for users and visual alerts for coaches when targets are missed

– All of the existing functionality of BPMphysio

Application of BPMphysio Team Fitness Monitor

Two areas where TFM is already being used are prehabilitation and during the resumption of training post-injury:

Mid-season deterioration Pre-hab: During the pre-season athletes can be assessed to establish a baseline level of fitness. They are then regularly tested throughout the season in order to assess their range of movement versus this baseline. Results are displayed on graphs showing the historical data for the maximum range of movement for the current test that make it simple to see when results start to fluctuate.

The coach can then step in if results drop and treatment may be required. Essentially by spotting the early warning signs, more serious injuries can be avoided, thereby ensuring athlete fitness is always safeguarded.

Rehab: Athletes often return to competition too early after suffering an injury, risking more serious and longer term problems. With BPMphysio TFM, their test performance during rehab can be compared to their baseline ROM and an evidence-based decision can be taken as to whether the athlete has recovered sufficiently to resume training or competition.

User Interaction and Data Sharing

A much-simplified athlete user interface means that the athlete logs directly into an automated test routine that runs them swiftly through their personalised test routine with audible alerts indicating when a test is not being performed correctly, thereby eliminating the need for a physio to be present. This data is immediately made available to the coach via an automated secure file sharing system such as Dropbox, with alerts highlighting where the predetermined test parameters have not been met. For more details please visit the BPMphysio website.

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